Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy busy busy ....

Hello all :)

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth ... life in the Bradford household has just been so very busy of late.

We have had friends over for dinner and drinks, we have brewed (and then had to bottle) more beer, we have been doing Wasgij's (backwards jigsaw puzzles), there's been go-karting (although unfortunately I was only able to watch - didn't want to push the knee so close to surgery), more gigs (The Butterfly Effect at the Forum on Saturday night), working, school holidays ... need I go on?

I think we are all subconsciously trying to fit as much stuff in as possible before I have the knee op LOL.

Oh, and add to that the fact that I am working on more wedding invitations for a friend of mine, so I'm a very busy girl right now. But it's great! I'll obtain permission, and will post a pic of the invites as soon as I can.

We also thoroughly enjoyed watching Mark Webber win his first F1 Grand Prix a couple of weeks ago too - a very deserving winner. He has had his challenges over the past few years, but it's great to finally see him in a reliable car, with a great team behind him - here's hoping there's more success ahead for him too!

I do have a couple of exciting things bubbling away in the background too, which I can hopefully share with you all very soon ... I will of course keep you posted.

Well, back to these invitations ... I guess I'll talk to you again soon!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sketch challenge time again ...

Hello again :)

Happy July! Can you believe that we're half way through the year already?? It's doing my head in - time is moving way too fast ....

Last weekend Nick and I had an absolutely fabulous time! It was finally time for the long-awaited Karnivool gig at The Forum. Justin, Kath, Nick and I all headed into town nice and early to grab a bite to eat, and we had also arranged a couple of rooms at a hotel in town too, so that no-one had to be the designated driver. The gig was just awesome - they played almost all the songs off their new album, and a couple of the faves off Themata as well, and we all had a great time. My knee was unfortunately still letting me know that it's sore, so I wasn't able to go too far forward and get close to the stage, but I was standing directly behind the mixing desk, and had an uninterrupted view front and centre of the stage. After the gig, we headed up the road a bit to a bar, and continued enjoying our evening. I think we left the bar around 2.00am, with a few friends in tow, then headed back to the Carroll's room for another drink or two. It was probably around 3.15am by the time I got to bed, but I had had a wonderful night - it was everything I'd been looking forward to.

Saturday morning saw us sleep in (for once, which was great), and then we had a lovely late brunch in town, wandered around town a bit, and then headed home early in the afternoon. I went over to mum's to pick the kids up, we had a relatively early dinner, and watched a movie. A fairly early night was in store for me - I was sooooo tired from the night before.

Sunday was good too - a bit of time at the park, a visit to Great Grandma, and then the Carroll's came for dinner and we had another Trivial Pursuit challenge.

All in all, a totally fabulous weekend for me :)

Anyway, with the new month comes my new sketch challenges at Scrapchat, and the sketches this month are again from the fabulous Pagemaps site.

Here is the layout sketch ...

And my sample layout ...

And here is the card sketch ...

And my sample card ...

If any of my blog readers ever do one of my sketch challenges, I'd love to hear about it, and see your layout or card too! Please leave me a comment to let me know ...

Well, it's off to help the boys play with their newly acquired pet mice .... I'm still getting used to them, but they are actually very cute little things.

Hope you've all had a great week so far, and I'll talk to you soon.