Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally ... a layout done ... almost ....

Hello all :)

Just a quick post from me today - I'm about to head off for my review appointment with my orthopaedic surgeon, to get de-briefed about the surgery I had a couple of weeks ago, and find out more about what lies ahead for me in about 6 weeks time.

But, I do have to share a layout that I did last night ... it's been so long since I've done a layout, it was great to get creative again. It all started after having a little clean up in my scrap room - I discovered that there was actually a desk hiding there, so thought I should put it to good use :)

Anyway, here is a gorgeous pic of Liam's girlfriend Hannah, that just had to be scrapped. Thanks to Kath for permission to post the pic!

I'm still trying to decide on a title, but this will do for now.

Anyway, better run - got to pick Nick up on the way through. Thought it best to have another pair of ears there for this appointment ... I have a feeling there's going to be lots of information to absorb.

Talk to you soon,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy birthday Scrapchat!

Hello all :)

Yes, it's Scrapchat's 2nd birthday, and to celebrate, we're having a birthday Cybercrop this weekend.

The games have been played, and the challenges have now been loaded up ... come on over and check them out, and join in the fun!

I've done the card sketch challenge this time around - here is the sketch (from Pagemaps of course) ....

And here is my sample card. The twist to the challenge was to make a card in UN-Scrapchat colours - absolutely NO PINK at all :)

It's the first time I've used the German Scrap - it's great stuff!

On all matter related to my knee, things seem to be coming along nicely. I'm up and walking around ok now - almost back to normal - but still having some issues walking down stairs ... going up is fine, it's the bending going down that causing me some grief still. I've got a check-up with the surgeon on Wednesday next week, and I'll hopefully hear how the cartilage is growing, and maybe we can lock in the date for the next surgery (it's tentatively in for the 3rd of August at this stage, depending on the growing speed).

I'll have a list of questions a mile long when I go to meet him ... so many things running through my mind about what's going to happen, and what I can expect after the surgery. I'm not getting lot of sleep at the moment, mulling things over in my mind all night ...

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and I'll talk to you soon!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's out!!!

Hello all! Yes, finally, edition 67 of Scrapbook Creations has hit the shelves of the newsagents ... and I've got my first published layout in it - I'm on page 76. Very exciting indeed! Now I need to look forward to edition 69 as well ... I've got another layout scheduled for that one.

Life has been pretty busy in my world of late - we've had night time Auskick sessions, dinners, brew days, and on Sunday night we went to the COG gig in at the HiFi Bar with Justin. It was an absolutely fabulous gig - they've got such a big sound for a 3-piece! The supports were nothing flash - lots of noise, and trying hard to be rock gods, but they were neither rock, nor gods, so it was a bit sad really.

Then the public holiday Monday was spent cleaning up the house a bit, in anticipation of me going in for day surgery on my knee yesterday at Glenferrie Private Hospital. I've had knee problems for quite some time, and I finally decided to go and get it looked at recently. Basically, I have no cartilage left on the underside of my knee cap. It's bone on bone when I bend my knee. Oh goody! So, round one was yesterday's surgery, where they harvested some of the remaining cartilage cells, which will now be grown in a lab for 8 weeks, and then I have another operation (a biggie!), where they will basically be turning my knee inside out and doublesided sticky-taping the cartilage back on to my knee cap. Icky! And, if that's not enough, they'll also be cutting out some bone where the tendon attaches to it, and moving it across a bit, so that my knee cap is finally in the right spot, and won't wear away again.

So, there's a whole world of pain ahead for me ... I'm not doing too bad today after yesterday's surgery, but I am feeling quite nervous about the second operation. It's going to be hard on everyone ... I'm not going to be able to put any weight on that leg for 4-6 weeks, and then only partial weight-bearing for another month or so, so it means that Nick is going to need to do just about everything around the house, and I'm going to need to call in a few favours from my friends as well. It's going to be fun trying to work out getting the boys to and from school and childcare, and I'll not be able to work for about 6 weeks. Lots of scrapping coming up for me!

Then, there's going to be months of physio, to try and build up the quad muscle that is basically going to waste away because I won't be able to use my leg at all. Fun fun fun.

Oh well, it's got to be done - doing nothing about it will render me virtually cripple in a few years anyway, so I really don't have much choice. Doesn't make the nerves go away though. It's going to mean I'm in hospital for about a week after the surgery too ... it's going to be pain like I've never known before! Sheesh!

Anyway, I'm still working away on my secret behind-the-scenes project, and can't reveal any more about it yet, and haven't had any time for scrapping lately ... but that's all going to change quite soon!

That's all I have to report for now - hope you are all well, and I'll talk to you soon.