Monday, October 29, 2007

Mmmmmm ... massage .....

Hi all -

I ended up having a great weekend - Friday night was our usual card night, and then my friend from Mothers Group and her hubbie and kids came over for dinner on Saturday night and we had an absolute blast ... apart from the littlest kidlet falling down the stairs (which was not good but she's ok!), everything was awesome! Just ask the hubbie who, I'm told, passed out the second they got home :)

And today at work I got the nicest surprise - the only nurse that was rostered on had called in sick so Claire and I had to reschedule all the patients, but then we got an email from the boss saying that he'd organised a 1 hour massage for each of us! On work time! How cool was that?? It was a deep tissue massage, and I'm still a bit sore now, and slightly afraid of how sore I'm going to be in the morning, but it was one of the best massages I've ever had. And, on top of that, we got to knock off early because no one was around, and I was home in time to have dinner with Nick and the boys ... great day!

Talk to you soon,

Friday, October 26, 2007

Chris Cornell ROCKS!!!

Last night I was fortunate enough to go to the Chris Cornell gig at The Forum in Melbourne. For those that don't know of him, he was the lead singer for Soundgarden, and is currently the lead singer for Audioslave, and also does his own solo stuff.

The gig was fantastic - they performed lots of the Soundgarden greats, including some of the really early stuff from Temple of the Dog, all the Audioslave faves, a smattering of his solo stuff, as well as an awesome accoustic set in the middle. The band were on stage for all of 2 hours, and then came back on stage for the encore, which lasted another 40 minutes! Just awesome...

Apparently they're coming out to Oz again in another 6 months or so, and I will definitely be getting myself a ticket to go see him again. Such a great night - would definitely recommend the gig to other Soundgarden/Audioslave fans! :)

Talk to you soon,

Monday, October 22, 2007

My work is done ...

Well, after a busy couple of weeks, I have finally finished my cards for the PINK Card Drive ... I pledged to make 50 cards, but rocketed along and ended up making 62 in total! Not a bad effort I reckon ...

Here's a pic of just about all of them - I've just finished off the last 4 tonight, and will hopefully get them off in the mail this week. I've well and truly had my fill of pink for quite some time ! :)

Looking forward to getting back to my normal scrapping now ... heaps of photos building up ...

Just a quick update from the weekend - Nick made it home safely from his little trip to the Island ... I'm told he just about equalled his best lap time there, but official placings for his class won't be known for another couple of days or so. But, he was beaming when he came home, and didn't break anything (which makes a nice change!), so all is good.

Now I'm off to tidy up my scrap space and put all the pink stuff away, and get back into some real scrappin' !

Talk to you soon,

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fun in the Sun ...

Hello again! Today I spent the morning at work, which was particularly frustrating because I could see a stunning 25 degree day waiting for me outside. I finally made it home about 2.30, and had a lovely time out in the garden with the boys. 15 month old Liam has discovered the joy of swings, and chucks a wobbly every time you even look like taking him out of the swing.

So he amused himself for an hour or so while I moved Ashton's worm farm (yes, that's right, a worm farm - thank his grandparents for that one!) over in to the shade of the garden, as they were getting way too hot where we had them and were probably about to expire, and then Ashton helped me do some 'weeding'. Although, he actually did more 'grassing' ... I really need to teach him what a weed looks like ... :)

Nick spent the rest of the afternoon getting his car ready, as he's off racing at Phillip Island tomorrow. He normally does the practice days on Saturday, but for the first time tomorrow he's going to do the competitive sprint races, and is a little nervous! I am too to be honest, but I'm sure he'll be fine. I have to visit a friend in hospital tomorrow, so I don't think we'll be taking the drive down to watch this time.

Anyway, I'm off now to do some scrapping and make some more PINK cards ...

Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pink Card Drive progress

I have signed up to take part in the inaugural Pink Card Drive, being run by The Scrappers Stash, where greeting cards are made and sent to women around the country who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Here's a bit more detail ...

If I was unwell and undergoing cancer treatment, I would be so chuffed to receive a RAK from a complete stranger, so how could I not join in?

I've pledged to make 50 cards, or more if I have the time. I'm well on my way, having made 34 so far ... I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Here's a shot of some of the cards I've made so far ...

So, here we are ....

Ok. Here we are. Day 1 of me having a blog, and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing! I'm not even really sure that I need a blog ... but I may as well give it a go and see what all the fuss is about. After all, I only discovered the wonderful world of online forums a few months ago, and I'm already addicted and have made some great online friends. I'm sure I'll get the hang of blogging eventually...

So, bear with me while I learn how to set this all up, and while I work out what goes on in my life that might be even vaguely interesting for someone out in the blogosphere to read about.

I'll do a bit of content planning and a little bit of research into other blogs, and will hopefully be able to have something up and running fairly quickly. Wish me luck!