Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fun in the Sun ...

Hello again! Today I spent the morning at work, which was particularly frustrating because I could see a stunning 25 degree day waiting for me outside. I finally made it home about 2.30, and had a lovely time out in the garden with the boys. 15 month old Liam has discovered the joy of swings, and chucks a wobbly every time you even look like taking him out of the swing.

So he amused himself for an hour or so while I moved Ashton's worm farm (yes, that's right, a worm farm - thank his grandparents for that one!) over in to the shade of the garden, as they were getting way too hot where we had them and were probably about to expire, and then Ashton helped me do some 'weeding'. Although, he actually did more 'grassing' ... I really need to teach him what a weed looks like ... :)

Nick spent the rest of the afternoon getting his car ready, as he's off racing at Phillip Island tomorrow. He normally does the practice days on Saturday, but for the first time tomorrow he's going to do the competitive sprint races, and is a little nervous! I am too to be honest, but I'm sure he'll be fine. I have to visit a friend in hospital tomorrow, so I don't think we'll be taking the drive down to watch this time.

Anyway, I'm off now to do some scrapping and make some more PINK cards ...

Talk to you soon,

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Michelle Jamieson said...

How did your DH go with his racing at Philip Island?

Sounds like a lovely afternoon outside with your boys. :)

Chelle Xx