Monday, October 29, 2007

Mmmmmm ... massage .....

Hi all -

I ended up having a great weekend - Friday night was our usual card night, and then my friend from Mothers Group and her hubbie and kids came over for dinner on Saturday night and we had an absolute blast ... apart from the littlest kidlet falling down the stairs (which was not good but she's ok!), everything was awesome! Just ask the hubbie who, I'm told, passed out the second they got home :)

And today at work I got the nicest surprise - the only nurse that was rostered on had called in sick so Claire and I had to reschedule all the patients, but then we got an email from the boss saying that he'd organised a 1 hour massage for each of us! On work time! How cool was that?? It was a deep tissue massage, and I'm still a bit sore now, and slightly afraid of how sore I'm going to be in the morning, but it was one of the best massages I've ever had. And, on top of that, we got to knock off early because no one was around, and I was home in time to have dinner with Nick and the boys ... great day!

Talk to you soon,

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Michelle Jamieson said...

Wow...what a day at work!! :)
You lucky thing...although you may be a little sore tomorrow!

Chelle Xx