Monday, October 22, 2007

My work is done ...

Well, after a busy couple of weeks, I have finally finished my cards for the PINK Card Drive ... I pledged to make 50 cards, but rocketed along and ended up making 62 in total! Not a bad effort I reckon ...

Here's a pic of just about all of them - I've just finished off the last 4 tonight, and will hopefully get them off in the mail this week. I've well and truly had my fill of pink for quite some time ! :)

Looking forward to getting back to my normal scrapping now ... heaps of photos building up ...

Just a quick update from the weekend - Nick made it home safely from his little trip to the Island ... I'm told he just about equalled his best lap time there, but official placings for his class won't be known for another couple of days or so. But, he was beaming when he came home, and didn't break anything (which makes a nice change!), so all is good.

Now I'm off to tidy up my scrap space and put all the pink stuff away, and get back into some real scrappin' !

Talk to you soon,


Michelle Jamieson said...

What an awesome effort with your PINK cards...Well done!

Glad your DH raced well. Isn't it nice when they don't break anything. LOL

Chelle Xx

Scrappylicious said...

Wow the cards look great Ness

gypsyangel said...

CHAMPION ~ you are such a legend Ness.