Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year to All!

Well hello again ... and a very Happy New Year to everyone! I've just got back from our usual camping trip up in the hills - it was 42 degrees in Melbourne yesterday, and it was a stifling drive up, but spending the day by the river in the relative cool of the mountains was most enjoyable indeed. We've come back to a 40 degree day, so we've parked a** in front of the air conditioner for a while, and will probably take the kids down to the pool later this afternoon.

Last night was spent sitting around the campfire with good friends, a few drinks, and many laughs, as we saw in yet another New Year with the obligatory sparklers and marshmallows :) I think this is the 9th one in a row we've been camping with our friends, and I think next year we'll be having a change of venue, back to the original site up on the Bluff overlooking Mt Buller etc. for our '10th anniversary' :)

Have been quite busy of late with Christmas and all, and trying to organise my scrap room (yes - I now have my own DEDICATED scrapping room YAY!) so that I can start off my year as a DT member in a relatively organised fashion ... I think I'm going to have a fairly busy year ahead of me so starting off organised will hopefully help! I am sooooo looking forward to the challenges ahead, and to learning so much more from my fellow DT members, some wonderfully inspirational scrappers, along the way :)

Well I hope the festive season has been kind to everyone ... and I look forward to keeping you up to date with my little part of the world over the next year!

Talk to you soon,


Michelle Jamieson said...

Happy New to you and your family, VJ!! A big year ahead for you!

You've been tagged...Check out my blog for details!!

Chelle Xx

Lexie said...

Happy New Year Ness, so glad your camping went well.

I also tagged you! Check out my blog.