Saturday, February 16, 2008

Babyjo is GO!

Hi again -

One other thing I've been working on lately, and so has Nick, is helping my sister-in-law get her online store up and running.

My niece has suffered with eczema and so Jo did some investigating and found that bamboo fibre clothing is GREAT for babies with eczema and other such skin conditions, and decided to create her own babywear and try and spread the good word of bamboo fibre. It has helped Mia's eczema so much - Jo wants everyone to know about it :D

And, bamboo fibre has many benefits over cotton (eg. thermo-regulating, more absorbent, hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial) - so it's good for babies of all varieties :D

She's got some cute little things available now, and there are more items and sizes on the way, and she's also selling gift packs as well.

Check it out at - and recommend it to your friends!

Talk to you soon,


TribeRingers said...

Good luck to your sisterinlaw for her new venture.

And congrats on your publishing news in SM. Well done.

Julia said...

Good luck to the new shop..I see you are selling the monograms..good idea. Congrats on being published in SM..what awesome news!! - shopaholic

Michelle Jamieson said...

This sounds great! My DD suffers from Contace dermatitis at times. I'll definately check out your SIL's new store...and spread the word!

Congrats on getting published!! :)

Chelle Xx