Friday, March 28, 2008

It's class night ...

Well, the time has finally come for me to run my OTP class at Allcraftz tonight - and I have to say I'm really looking forward to it. It seems like ages ago that I actually created the album ... will be good to get the class (and the nerves!) over and done with. And alas, my time on the DT comes to an end on the 1st of April, so this is my last 'hurrah' so to speak :D I hope it all goes smoothly ...

And how's this for timing?? My hubby has just informed me that he's going to have drinks after work tonight, and will be later home than first thought. He has been duly warned that he will be shot on sight if this is the case .... :D

I've just realised that there's also not long to go until the Scrapchat Warana retreat will be upon us (mid-May), and I'm sooo looking forward to meeting all the girls IRL ... after chatting online for a year or so now, it will be fab to actually meet them!

After looking through my scrapping stash last night, I've taken a bit of a leap here, and decided to take part in the Use Your Stash challenge on Scrapchat too - I really should start using up some of the stuff I've got, especially paper, before I go buying much more. However, I am being realistic about it - I'm off to Paperific on Sunday with Vicki, and there's NO WAY I can really expect to walk out of there having not spent any money. So, my 'use your stash' attempt will commence as of Monday. Oh, and I should mention that cardstock and adhesives are excluded of course :D So too are the pre-orders that I currently have on the go, that will be shipping next week. They've already been paid for, so they're technically already part of my stash LOL.

Well, I'd better go and read over my class notes, so I can remember what I'm supposed to be teaching people! Wish me luck ...

Talk to you soon,


TribeRingers said...

Hope your class went well Ness (I know it would have). Thanks again for all your help with the CCs at AC4U.

Take care and see you in the forum(s).

gypsyangel said...

Hope you class went well Ness, so glad you have come to play with us a Scrapchat we missed you so much. Maybe we could have a few classes there?? Who knows where this journey is heading. Catch you soon.


Lexie said...

Hope the class went well Ness. It is so good to have you visiting over a Scrapchat again, and I cant wait to finally meet you IRL in May!