Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I did it!!

Hi again :)

Well, finally, I have done it ... tonight, after much mojo-searching over the past week or so, I have completed my first round of the Use Your Stash challenge from Scrapchat! Phew!!

Gypsy posted her latest sketch challenges tonight, and the card sketch took my fancy, and so I've just completed my little effort. It's too late now to take a pic tonight I think, so I'll upload it tomorrow for you.

It was a hard challenge to complete ... I did end up receiving some of my pre-ordered stuff (that I had already deemed as admissable supplies :D), but didn't end up using that much of it during my challenge, so I don't even need to feel particularly guilty!

I'll have to think long and hard though before I decide to go in for another round of the challenge ... it's not as easy as it sounds ....

Well, the boys and I had a lovely day today - Mum and Dad were due home from their lovely little jaunt overseas, so I decided to take the boys to the airport to surprise them. Even now, at the ripe old age of 36, I still love going to the airport ... reminds me of all the fun holidays I've been on over the years and brings back lots of warm fuzzy feelings. And, the best thing is that I get to go back there in a few weeks time, but next time I'll actually be the one flying somewhere! Yes, the Warana retreat is now only about 16 days away, and I can't wait! Now to decide what to actually take with me ...

I'm off to my SILs tomorrow for a visit and to stock up on some more photos of Mia to scrap ... and I have to take my poor dog back to the chiropractor ... her back has stiffened right up again and she's in so much pain all the time. Doggy doctors aren't cheap, but I can't stand to see poor Zali in pain ....

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely long Anzac weekend, and managed to pause, even for a little while ,to remember what it's actually commemorating.

Talk to you soon,

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