Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another present completed ...

Hello all :)

Wow - what a wet weekend we're having here in Melbourne - and isn't it fabulous?? I can hear a collective sigh of relief from all the Melbourne gardens ... desperately needed a good watering.

Well, after finally fishing off the canvas during the week, I had the chance to work on the gift box of cards that I gave to mum.

I had a paper mache cigar box from Spotlight sitting here on the shelf - covered the lid in some Crate paper, added some Kaiser rub-ons, some Green Tara flowers and a selection of green, blue and silver bling, and it's done! Here is the finished product :)

Gave it to mum last night as her Christmas present, and she loved it. And, we gave her the canvas today too, as we won't be seeing her for her birthday, and she was absolutely thrilled - even teared up a little bit! Awwwwwww .... very pleased I decided to finish it off for her.

I've got a little project that I need to work on at the moment, so I hope to get the boys into bed shortly so I can get some scrapping done and make a start on it. They've had a couple of late nights in a row, and they are VERY tired, so hopefully they won't put up too much of a fight and I can grab a glass of wine and head to my craft room.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Talk to you soon,

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