Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm still alive!

Hello again :)

Just thought I'd check in with you all and let you know survived the big op! Everything apparently went well, and I ended up being in hospital from the Monday until the Saturday. My knee was the size of a football for a couple of weeks, but thankfully the swelling is starting to go down now, which makes bending my knee and doing my exercises just that bit easier.

It wasn't really as painful as I was prepared for after the surgery.... until I moved it, that is! Lying around it would just ache, but when I had to get up and move around, boy oh boy was it sore!

It's been just over two weeks now since the surgery, and I had my check-up with the surgeon a couple of days ago. He's very pleased with my progress - my leg strength is great, and the bend I'm getting in the knee is much better than he would have expected so soon after surgery.

So, it's so far so good for me. The only thing I might need to consider in the near future is an "MUA", or a Manipulation Under Anaesthetic, which sounds quite gruesome. I may find that I plateau a bit with regards to the amount of bend I'm getting, so they may need to knock me out and force the knee to bend and increase the range, but at this stage it's not looking likely, which is a good thing.

I'm very excited for Ashton today - he's off on his first ever school excusion! They're going to the zoo today, which should be great fun for the preppies. Unfortunately, it's been raining a bit this morning, so I hope it clears up soon and the kids can all enjoy their time at the zoo without getting drenched.

Well, I have a date with my scrap room today I think ... might go re-introduce myself to all my supplies.

Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday, and I'll speak to you soon.



Susan said...

It's good to hear things are going well, and you are making such good progress. Here's hoping you won't need MUA. I guess the thing to focus on, if you DO need it, is the 'A' part! It should hopefully make things quite bearable for you.

Take care! Hope your scrapping supplies remembered you! LoL!

Jo said...

Thinking of you ness, glad each day is improving!!!