Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At long last ... some work to show!

Hello there again everyone :)

It's been soooo long since my last post (over a month!!), which is just terrible, sorry!

I have been very, very busy of late, but I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel now, so hopefully I'll get a chance to post a bit more regularly from now on.

I got back late yesterday afternoon from a fabulous weekend away on the Gold Coast for the Ohana retreat with many of my fellow Scrapchat-ers - I had a great time, and actually managed to get a few layouts done!! The first I've done in so long, it felt really good to get back into it again. Wanna see them?? Well, here they are :)

Noticing a bit of a trend with the Kraft cardstock there?? I really like using it - goes with just about everything....

And, the weekend prior to that, I had another stall at the Warrandyte market, and did really well - sold 22 cards, and heaps of little gift cards, so it was a great success. I'll be at the market again on the 5th of December, so I hope to have another successful day then too!

Something else that has been taking my time up lately is the Twilight saga (thanks Kath for getting me into it!). I have very quickly become completely and utterly obsessed with the series ... read all 4 books in a week and a half, which is SO not like me! I don't read much at all any more, but I just couldn't put these down. And, I'm getting very excited now too, because the New Moon movie comes out on Thursday, and Kath and I will be there to see the opening session at 12.05am on Thursday morning! Yes, just after midnight, we'll be watching New Moon, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

I've also been pottering on another round of wedding invites for MJ and Andy, and now that the retreat is out of the way, I need to focus on these again, as they need to be sent out at the start of December. Really pleased with how they're turning out too.

Well, that's all for me for now - hope you've all been well - and I'll talk to you soon!



Susan said...

I so enjoyed crafting next to you at the Retreat and getting to see these layouts take shape ;) They are fabulous IRL! Good to hear you did a lot better at the craft show than you expected too - Dec 5th is bound to be amazing.
enjoy your Vampires :shudder: :lol:

Anonymous said...

Ness they are amazing lo's!! fantastic job!!,
hugs Jo