Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So much has been happening in my world ...

Wow - just checked my blog, and realised that I haven't updated it since June!   That was a looooong time ago, and so much has happened since then!

We've been away to Fiji for another holiday (which was FABULOUS), Liam's had his 5th birthday, we've had heaps of social functions on lately, and I've become an aunty again!   I'm sure there's more, but it escapes me for the time being.

I thought firstly that I would upload a couple of my fave pics from our 2nd trip to Fiji ... this first one is of a sunset that just sort of sneaked up on us!  We were having drinks back at the room, marvelling at the beautiful salmon pink coloured sky, then while walking to dinner I noticed how much it had intensified on the horizon!  Needless to say, I sent the others on to dinner, and ran back to the room to get the tripod and camera ;)

This shot is of when we were heading back to the resort after a fabulous session out parasailing.   It was my first time, and while I hated being on the boat out in the deep water (NOT a fan of boats), being up in the harness, 150m up in the air, was really quite something.   So peaceful!    Just loved the colours in the parachute - this was taken just as they were packing it away.

And this was another 5.30am sunrise shot - probably need to enhance this a little bit in photoshop, but there was a beautiful range of pinks and purples and blues in the sky - a magical time of day.

And what else have we been doing?    Running around to swimming lessons (Liam's been promoted 2 levels!), Auskick (although thankfully it's now finished - was getting very chilly in the mornings!), birthday parties for just about every child that either Ashton or Liam know, Liam's own 5th birthday party (his first ever party, which, surprise surprise, was dominated by girls!), work functions, play dates with school friends, the school trivia night (we won best dressed table!  see pics below), AFL games, movies, rollerskating, go-karting, dinners out, and I've started a 7-week photography course at Box Hill TAFE - we've been sooo busy!  

Here's a pic of all the girls from my table at the trivia night - we had been allocated the letter 'E', so of course we went with 'Eighties' as our theme!   (That's me, second from the right, if you're not sure ;) )

And here are the boys - thank goodness Spotlight had mullet wigs on sale!   It's scary how comfortable they all were in this sort of get-up ...

It was a fabulous night, and I'm so pleased everyone got really involved and put a lot of work into their outfits - we were getting great comments all night, and it was fabulous to be voted Best Dressed Table (not bad, considering there was around 18 tables I think ...)

And that's what we've been up to.   Coming up, we have Ashton appearing in the school production next week, more work functions for Nick, dinner with work friends, the school sleepover is not too far away now, and basketball will be starting up on Saturday mornings soon.   I'm exhausted just thinking about it all!

Anyway, better go get dinner ready - talk to you soon!


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