Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a busy weekend it's been ...

Afternoon all :)

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! I know I have ...

It all started on Friday when we had a lovely catch-up with Kath and Justin and the kids again, and also gave singstar another belting into the wee hours of the morning! We downloaded one of the Queen special packs, and were singing our little hearts out :) It was another 4.00am finish though, so we were just a tad tired on Saturday ...

We had to drive over to Epping yesterday to order our new trailer for our camping expedition, and once home, Nick and I tag-teamed nana naps in the afternoon, so we were both a bit more prepared to go out for dinner again to Stu and Sonia's house. Had a lovely roast dinner, and then played the usual games of 500 (Sonia and I actually one a couple of games this time!), and then called it a night about 12.30am.

Today has been busy busy busy too - headed over to Eltham Lower Park and took the boys on the train and also the pony rides, and they had a great time. Then lots of work in the garden this afternoon to make room for us to park the trailer, and we're about to head out go-karting tonight as well.

I'd better go get ready ... but hope you all have a lovely week! No new creations to show you yet, but I'll be able to take a pic of all the wedding invites now, and will post that shortly.

Talk to you soon,

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