Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A lovely little holiday over the Easter break ...

Hello again - long time no blog!

I've been pretty busy again of late - we headed away to Porepunkah for a week or so during the school holidays - over the Easter weekend - which was lovely.   The weather was just perfect ... lying on banana lounges in the afternoon sun, reading and enjoying smoked salmon, crackers and ciders .... most enjoyable indeed!   Thanks for a great weekend, Kath!   Let's hope the weigh-in at Weight Watchers tonight isn't too unpleasant ...

The school holidays seemed to go by really quickly, having Easter in the middle.   Ashton returned to school yesterday, and is right back into the swing of things again.

We're counting down to the big Fiji trip - only 39 days to go I think now .... can't wait to get there.   I have a very important date with a cocktail and a banana lounge on the beach that I'm very much looking forward to :D

I'm still working my extra day during the week at the other company ... not sure how much longer I'm going to keep doing that - I'm really missing my Wednesday time to get the housework done and just recharge a bit.   Tomorrow is technically the last day that I'm contracted for, so I'll have to negotiate with my 'boss' and see how much longer he wants me to work.

I've been doing a little scrapping here and there ... nothing much though.   I do have some projects on the go, but I don't think I can really talk about them yet  - will provide more info as soon as possible though :)

Anyway, there's really only one layout to show for now ... hopefully I'll have more pics to upload soon.

Well, I hope you've all been well ... time to go get dinner ready, then it's off to WW for the post-Easter weigh-in ... wish me luck!

Talk to you soon,

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