Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finally, some creativity strikes ...

Hello again -

Well, isn't time just flying by this year?  I can't believe we're over half way through February already ...

I've had a little bit of inspiration lately - finishing up some lettering that has been lying around, and I also decided to embark on my first ever paper bag album ... here are some pics for you.

I have decided to give the album to a friend for her birthday this week - she can choose whichever photos she would like to include in it.   There are also cards inserted into each of the open bag ends, for additional photos or journalling.   Hope she likes it!

And here are a few cards I've made ...

Things in the Bradford household have been pretty busy of late - school is back, with Ashton now in Grade 2, and Liam has started at kinder, which he's loving!    We've had dinner with friends both nights this weekend, and have been busy most Friday and Saturday nights since the start of the year!   It's all good though :) 

One thing I'm loving is getting back into playing 500 again - we used to play it A LOT with friends, but they aren't together anymore, and so our card playing ceased forthwith as well.   But, we've been teaching Kath and Justin how to play, and they've picked it up really quickly.   We also had a chance to play 500 with Greg and Brooke when they came for dinner last night, which was great.

We took the boys to the Victorian Herpetological Society Expo yesterday - there were snakes and geckos and frogs and turtles everywhere, and it was actually pretty cool.  The boys got to hold a couple of snakes, so they were pretty excited about that.

Well, I'm still feeling inspired with the whole paper bag album concept, so I'm making another one for a friend who has a birthday coming up in a week (and she's just had a new baby too), so I need to finish it off and post it to her in time for the big day.

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