Saturday, August 2, 2008

August challenges for Scrapchat ...

Just thought I'd share with you the sketch challenges I've posted for August for Scrapchat ... both sketches are courtesy of Pagemaps.

Here is the card sketch ...

... and my sample card -

And here is the LO sketch ...

... and my sample LO (note that I've turned the sketch on its side for the sample).

The Bradford family had a lovely day yesterday - Nick's had a couple of days off for all the overtime he worked last week and on the weekend, so yesterday we took the boys up to Lake Mountain for a few hours, and had a great session of tobogganing and snowball fights!

Liam's still a little unsure of the white stuff falling from the sky (it actually snowed a bit while we were there, which was very special), but at the same time sees Ashton enjoying himself so wants to get involved. I'm sure that on our next trip to the snow, be it this year or next, Liam's going to relax a little and actually start having fun :)

Frantic day at work for me today finishing stuff up for my boss who is on three weeks holiday as of Monday morning. The best part about putting in a bit of overtime tonight? I don't have to do any typing on Monday! And the best part about him going away for three weeks? I've already been told that I can bring my scrapping into work because there won't be anything else to do! How good is that??

Well, it's very late, and I'm very tired, so I will leave it there for now ...

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Thanks for looking, and I'll talk to you soon,

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Cecilia said...

that welcome card in so simple, thats it beautiful.