Thursday, August 21, 2008

So sick of being sick ...

Hello all!

Sorry I haven't blogged again for a while, but the Bradford household has again been struck down with a bit of illness of late - which has unfortunately meant that I myself have been unwell for 2 weekends running now, and that's just not on!

Thankfully, it's only been a really bad head cold each time, so life could still essentially continue, but boy did I feel miserable while I was soldiering on. I just wasn't feeling even the slightest bit creative ...

And, I also decided to give Liam's room a bit of a freshen up - we bought a new bed for Ashton, so that Liam could have Ashton's old bed, and given that Liam's has been painted pink since we moved in, I thought it was high time we made it into a boy's room. I painted the walls blue, the trim a glossy white, and even went as far as making new curtains for the windows - Elmo print, of course! And to top it off, while I had all the painting equipment out, I gave the laundry a freshen up as well :)

So, that took up a weekend and my evenings for the following week as well, and as a result I have had a massive scrapping to-do list which has been building and building, and it's all due by the end of the month. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute, eh?

I have slowly been working through things, and I'm happy to say that I've knocked over the card and LO sketch samples for Scrapchat (and in doing so prepared a Father's Day card as well!), and I've done the CC sample LO for the Stamp Shak CC which is coming up this Friday night.

Now I just need to do some cards for a card swap, a guest DT layout for Scrap'n'Craft with 'T' and the August photo swap LO for Yillup. She'll be right mate!

I'm having a little get together at my house on Saturday - a friend who is an independent Stampin' Up demonstrator is coming to show off the new range, and we're all going to have a nice little cardmaking session, so hopefully I'll knock over the card swap cards on the weekend. Then I've got all next week to get 2 LOs done - easy!

Just remind me not to renovate again will you ...

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TribeRingers said...

Hope you are all feeling better now and that things are back to normal for you.

All the best!