Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's sketch challenge time again -

Hello all :D

Well, I can't believe that it's the end of August already - where is the time going?? What with renovating and sickness and socialising at all the 5th birthday parties, this month has just flown!

And, being the end of the month, it's also time for me to upload the sketch challenges again for Scrapchat. And, yet again, these sketches have been taken from the wonderful Pagemaps site.

Here is the card sketch ...

And my sample, which I've turned into a Father's Day card (kills 2 birds with 1 stone)

And here is the LO sketch ...

And my sample ... (I can put the pic back now that edition 67 of Scrapbook Creations is out :)

For this LO, I had a play with flocking for the first time (the title, and the tips of the flower, have both been flocked). And, it was fun! Messy, but fun. I successfully managed to flock most of the work surfaces in my craft room I think, but after a little bit of practice, I seemed to get the hang of it, and can't wait to use it again! I think next time though I'll use slightly more substantial chipboard - will just make handling it that little bit easier.

I got my flocking through the wonderful Gypsy at Scrapchat, and I believe you can also purchase packs of the flocking in about a dozen or so colours at the newly launched Scrapchat Craft Exchange. This is a fantastic new auction site that Gypsy has started up, where people can buy, sell or swap their excess scrapbooking and general craft supplies. I have a heap of tapestry wool skeins and embroidery cottons left over from when Dad had his shop, and I need to bundle them up and try and sell them off too. And I'm sure I've got some patterned papers that I just don't think I'll get around to using .... there are heaps of auctions underway already, so it's well worth the look!

My LO for the August photo swap is slowly coming along - it's meant to be finished today, but I've been a bit held up ... sorry Kylie! I'm working on it tonight, so should hopefully have something to show you in the next day or so.

And, Project Scrapaway was launched with a bang on Friday night at Scrapchat as well - it's a 10-week challenge, where participants have to complete LOs each week that meet 5 certain specifications, and depending on how well they meet those specifications, and how quickly they upload to the gallery, participants will be awarded points each week. There are no eliminations for this competition - it's purely based on a points tally. The first challenge has been listed at Scrapchat now - I'm not in the running to win, but I'll be trying to complete the challenges anyway - always love a good challenge.

Here's the first week's challenge ....


Yes I want you to design a monocromatic layout with lots of tones of Blue.

Our 5 design elements needed for this challenge are:-

    1. Must have at least 3 different tones of blue.
    2. Must include 2 photo's.
    3. Must include ribbon.
    4. Must have journalling.
    5. Must have a stamped image.

Remember ladies, you need to first sketch your idea and then put it into practice when you complete your layout.

Try to use all the design elements to maximise the amount of points you will receive as the winner of round one will be the one with the most points.

Please upload your sketch and layout to the gallery by 6.00pm Thursday.

Hopefully I'll get to have a go at this tomorrow night ....

Oh, and I'm not in the running to win the prize for Project Scrapaway, because I have recently been 'promoted' to Administrator for the Scrapchat forum, just to give Gypsy a bit of extra help with everything that's going on. There are heaps of new things planned for the forum - it's already bustling, and is only going to get busier. :)

Well, I'd better get off the computer and actually start doing some scrapping ... the clock's ticking, and I'm not getting ANYTHING done! Thanks for reading my ramblins, and I hope everyone has a lovely week.

Talk to you soon,

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