Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More CJ entries completed ....

Hello again ...

Well, I've had some more time to do some scrapping this week - and got to continue working on my outstanding CJ entries.   That is, the entries that I need to do that are still outstanding - not saying that my entries are 'outstanding' as in fabulous ... LOL!

I'm ripping through them now - only a couple more to do.   Unfortunately, the outstanding ones are going to be a little tricky, so I think I'll procrastinate on them for a litlle tiny while and up come with some ideas.

Anyway, for FIGs CJ (with the theme of 'A funny thing happened ...', I have done this one -

And for Frangipani's CJ (with the theme of 'The girl in the mirror'), I have done this one -

Nadine - yours is next on my list ...

I'm off to the movies tonight - I'm seeing the Twilight/New Moon double feature first tonight, prior to then seeing the midnight screening of Eclipse at 12.05 am.   Thankfully, it's school holidays, so I don't have to be up too early with the kids ... I see a fairly quiet day in store for me tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm off now to taste one of the Raspberry and White Chocolate muffins I've just baked with the kids, so I'll talk to you soon.


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