Thursday, October 21, 2010

Introducing Lily ...

Hello again -

Just thought I'd make a really quick post, to introduce you to the newest member of our family, the lovely miss Lily ...

Isn't she gorgeous??   We got word through Nick's mum that a friend of hers was looking to house a couple of black labrador puppies, so we decided we just had to have one.   It will be great for the kids to be involved with raising a puppy, and will also give Zali a bit of a spark back too ... and anyway, all excuses aside, who could resist such a beautiful face??

She's been terrific so far - very playful when she first wakes up, but pretty chilled out for the rest of the day - and she's very, very snuggly!   She loves cuddles, and loves to climb on to my lap as soon as I sit on the floor to play with her.

So now I have even MORE photos of things that I want to scrap - guess I better finish organising my stuff then, so I can get cracking on the scrapbooking front.

That's all for now ... just had to share a pic of our new baby girl ... so I'll talk to you soon.



sueat17 said...

Ness, she is so so sweet!!!

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

What a CUTE puppy xxx